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800mA Triple Output Laser Diode Driver

3rd July 2012
ES Admin
The ISL58303, ISL58304 are high-speed triple output laser diode drivers designed to support color field sequential laser light source Pico projection modules. Output channels are designed with independent programmable bias and threshold adjustment to support a wide range of laser diode manufacturers. Both laser diode drivers offer exceptional power efficiency and a high degree of system integration allowing a compact and cost effective system design.
Interface to the system is accomplished via a high-speed serial bus that is made up of SEN, SCLK and SDIO. Initialization of internal registers after power-on reset, operational setup, and laser intensity data for each output channel are communicated through this bus.

To assist with reduction of laser speckle, this laser diode driver has a high frequency modulation input to modulate laser pulses.

For laser operational safety, a hardware enable signal (CE) is ANDed with an internal register bit. Both have to be asserted to enable the device. This prevents an accidental fault causing an unwanted laser output.

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