Build your own AI robot

11th October 2017
Posted By : Lanna Cooper
Build your own AI robot

Creoqode Nova is an Arduino-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot. Nova comes as an all-inclusive do-it-yourself kit allowing users to build their own AI robot and to practice their coding and engineering skills by controlling it in various ways. Nova teaches the users about coding, electronics and many other engineering concepts including computer vision, image processing, kinematics and control theory.

Nova can recognise and track faces, identify colours, measure distances and move accordingly in five different axis’, or it can simply be controlled with the joysticks in the kit.

Nova is an open-source project. Many sensors and gadgets can be connected to customise Nova and to add new functionalities, such as voice recognition, target shooting or even mobility. Users can add speakers, microphone, Bluetooth and WiFi modules, or even add wheels underneath so that Nova can follow them while they walk around. The only limit is your imagination.

Creoqode Mini Mega development board is fully compatible with the Arduino Software and offers the same technical specs as an Arduino Mega with the advantage of being extremely compact. Nova Servo Shield provides quick connection between servo motors and Mini Mega while providing easy access to the unoccupied digital and analog input/output pins. Nova Joystick has two thumb joysticks consisting of four potentiometers and two switches in total.  

Creoqode Nova is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, and it can be programmed with the Arduino Software & Processing (IDE). Users will easily adapt to the AI robot regardless of their level of experience.

Both new learners and experienced programmers will start controlling Nova by coding in just a couple of hours. Tutorials and educational guides are provided through Qode Share to make users' experience smoother and more fun.  

Nova is an entertaining and easy way to learn for new beginners, and an unrestricted way to exercise their knowledge for the pros.  

As Creoqode, our aim is to bridge the gap between hardware and software education. Prior to getting into coding, we want our users to understand the working principles and hardware fundamentals of a device by building it. A good balance between hardware and software knowledge provides a comprehensive understanding about devices. 

Nova has been developed with this ideology in mind, offering an exciting opportunity for users to improve their hardware and coding skills by building and programming an AI robot.

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