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The era of quantum dot monitors

MMD and QD Vision have joined forces to bring the world’s first quantum dot desktop monitor to Europe. The Philips 27” Full HD monitor (276E6ADS) delivers 99% Adobe RGB colour thanks to Color IQ technology from QD Vision. Philips monitors will showcase the quantum dot monitor at IFA, Hall 22 Booth 101. 
4th September 2015

Strange magnetic behaviour has quantum computing potential

Strange magnetic behaviour has quantum computing potential
An exotic kind of magnetic behavior, driven by the mere proximity of two materials, has been analysed by a team of researchers at MIT and elsewhere, using a technique called spin-polarised neutron reflectometry. They say the finding could be used to probe a variety of exotic physical phenomena, and could ultimately be used to produce key components of future quantum computers.
19th August 2015

Nanoscale technique enables 'perfect' quantum dot junctions

Nanoscale technique enables 'perfect' quantum dot junctions
Researchers have developed a method for growing ‘hybrid’ crystals at the nanoscale, in which quantum dots - essentially nanoscale semiconductors - of different materials can be sequentially incorporated into a host nanowire with perfect junctions between the components. An approach to self-assemble and tailor complex structures at the nanoscale opens opportunities to tailor properties and functionalities of materials for a wide range of semiconductor applications.
28th July 2015

'Worlds first' quantum dot desktop monitor

A quantum dot desktop monitor was launched in China thanks to a partnership between MMD (Philips Monitors) and QD Vision. The Philips 27” Full HD monitor, 276E6ADS (E6), achieves 99% Adobe RGB colour, making it suitable for entertainment, gaming professional photography and design. QD Vision is demonstrating the quantum dot monitor at booth 1025 at SID Display Week.
5th June 2015

Are quantum dots finally ready for the prime time?

According to Yole Développement, Quantum Dots are finally ready for prime time and will exceed traditional phosphor revenue by 2020 by allowing LCD to compete with OLED in the race for the next-gen displays. This prediction comes from a recent Yole LED downconverters technology & market report, Phosphors & Quantum Dots 2015: LED Downconverters for Lighting & Displays.
15th May 2015

Executives will present quantum dot technology

QD Vision, continues to drive quantum dot technical and market development discussions at the Society for Information Display’s (SID) Display Week 2015. The event will be held at the San Jose Convention Center from 31st May to 5th June, 2015.
14th May 2015

Quantum OS makes simultaneous massive parallel computations

Cambridge Quantum Computing has announced the development of t|ket>, a unique quantum computing operating system. t|ket> was created by CQCL, and facilitated by a proprietary custom designed high speed super computer also built by CQCL, in order to simulate a quantum processor. A quantum computer takes advantage of quantum interference.
7th May 2015

Engineering simulation to help build quantum computers

The world’s 'most advanced' quantum computers are being built and designed by D-Wave Systems with help from engineering simulation solutions from ANSYS. This next-gen of supercomputers uses quantum mechanics to massively accelerate computation and has the potential to solve some of the most complex computing problems facing organisations today.
30th April 2015

Quantum rubidium clock exceeds LTE base station requirements

Quantum rubidium clock exceeds LTE base station requirements
Microsemi has announced the availability of its enhanced Quantum Rubidium Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC) SA.3X family. The company says that its enhanced Quantum MAC SA.3X family, based on Coherent Population Trapping (CPT) technology, is one of the industry’s smallest, lightest and highest-performing MACs, meeting all traditional broad market frequency reference application needs.
10th April 2015

QD Vision at Quantum Dots Forum 2015

QD Vision will play prominently in this year’s Quantum Dots Forum, which takes place on 18th March. The forum, hosted by Smithers Apex is the only event in the US dedicated exclusively to quantum dots. More than 150 industry professionals are expected at the conference to explore market opportunities, technological developments, environmental issues and more.
17th March 2015

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