Turning your Apple Watch into a Motion Matching personal trainer

6th October 2020
Joe Bush

Wondercise has launched its smart fitness service globally with Apple Watch and Garmin wearable support. Featuring Motion Matching technology complete with on-screen heart rate data, it analyses your movements and compares them with those of an on-screen trainer in real-time. 

Wondercise offers unlimited access to over 50 classes, with special sessions from trainers, including MMA champion Luis ‘Baboon’ Palomino, fitness influencer Adam Frater, and experts across a huge range of disciplines. These include Resistance Band Training, Hip Hop Dance, Kettlebell Crush, and Tai Chi, Yoga. Wondercise brings the personal touch of taught classes to living rooms around the world, complete with on-screen heart rate data and training feedback, thanks to its Motion Matching technology. 

Fitness+ Plus

Born alongside the Wondercise Band, Wondercise’s real-time, on-screen heart rate tracking and Motion Matching launched in 2018 for Android and iOS. The service predates Apple Fitness+ by two years.  

Motion Matching – a feature missing from Apple’s Fitness+ service, enables users to maintain a focus on form, mirror trainers’ movements, and maximise workout results. Thanks to on-screen metrics illustrating how closely movements are matched with those of a trainer, even at a glance, the Wondercise experience is richer than traditional home workouts. 

The nature of the Wondercise experience also inspires users to try new types of exercises, giving them the confidence to enrol in classes they might not in a gym.

Training to suit you

Building fitness has never been easier. In addition to its varied workouts, the Wondercise app will tailor training for your needs – whether you want to dip in and out of classes or enrol in a robust plan. 

Make a profile, select a fitness goal, and Wondercise’s smart technology curates a series of personalised workouts to deliver an effective training session on days you can spare 45 minutes to workout. The app is also convenient, with each training course split into sessions clocking in at under ten minutes. This means that, whether there’s a long or short workout window, with Wondercise, finding time for fitness won’t be a problem. 

Your 24/7 Motion Matching virtual fitness trainer

Unlike other technology-driven home training solutions, Wondercise is designed to maximise convenience and flexibility for users; the app doesn’t require any expensive equipment to help its users stay fit. Anyone with an Apple Watch or a Garmin wearable can take advantage of Wondercise’s low annual or monthly subscriptions, and stream a host of unlimited exercise classes while enjoying all the benefits of on-screen Motion Matching.

Even without a wearable, video workouts can be played back, so an out-of-battery Apple Watch needn’t result in a forgone workout.

"With the backdrop of COVID-19, a dramatic reduction in gym attendance, and an increase in time spent at home, sedentary lifestyles are easier to slip into than ever before. For this reason, Wondercise’s motivating, pioneering, interactive training system could be the perfect solution for anyone looking to boost their health and stay on-track while saving money,” said Eric Chuang, CEO, Wondercise. 

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