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Vision system adds traceability & quality validation

8th December 2015
Peter Smith

Adaptsys has introduced the IS300C: a vision system that adds traceability and quality validation to the V-Tek TM50 range of component taping machines. The new system provides multiple checks for orientation and empty pocket detection along with mark and ink-dot inspection for precision parts in both manual and automated configurations.

Traceability is achieved via a data module that can output all inspection results to a network location, memory card or local hard drive. In addition, this data module can be customised to add process controls and input/output interfaces such as bar-code scanners, keypads and label printers, for tasks such as assigning job numbers to vision results, summary report outputs at the end of taping jobs and even interactive inputting of the job results.

The integration to the TM50 controller makes it possible to ensure that the tape will increment only if a part passes inspection. Failed parts can then be replaced/re-oriented to ensure that all parts output to reel are good.

The compact design of the vision system means that no reconfiguring of the system layout is required for installation. In addition, no external PC is required for inspection set-up, since the system incorporates its own dedicated intelligent touch screen monitor.

The IS300C has been specifically designed for easy and rapid integration with the TM-50, including retrofitting to existing machines. User-friendly software ensures ease of set-up and operation, with only 2-3 minutes required to set up a new job. It inspects a wide range of parts sizes with minimal adjustments, and incorporates easily customised reporting capabilities with data logging to an FTP or other storage device available as an option. An immediate fail mode is also available as a programmable option.

The V-Tek TM-50 is a microprocessor-controlled manual taping machine which provides precise handling of different shapes and sizes of component. Several speeds are selectable to accommodate problem parts and to minimise part jumping. The machine is flexible, easy to use, and features menu driven software. In addition to its electronics flexibility, the TM-50 offers an innovative setup and changeover design, allowing a taping operator to change carrier and cover tapes in minutes.

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