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USB TYpe C protocol analyser cuts time to market

22nd June 2017
Mick Elliott

Availability of the Mercury T2C USB 2.0 & Power Delivery Protocol Analyser that offers USB Type-C connection has been announced by Saelig. The Mercury T2C is a small and affordable hardware-based USB protocol analyser. It combines the de-facto standard CATC Trace display, comprehensive USB class decoding, and PD 2.0 protocol analysis.

The pocket-sized, bus-powered Mercury T2C sits in-line between host and device and provides transparent capture of all USB transactions. Within minutes of installing the Windows PC-compatible software, users will be viewing USB traffic from the lowest packet layer to the fully decoded class level operations.

With event triggering and real time spool-to-disk capture the T2C has advanced capabilities that reduce time to market for USB systems and software.

It graphically decodes logical protocol events to show the underlying transactions and packets.

Decoding of upper level transactions allows users to see logical protocol events within the trace, eliminating the manual decoding of device-specific commands. 

The Mercury T2C includes hardware-based event triggering, 256MB of memory, and spool-to-disk capture for extended recording.

It includes cables to interface directly with USB 2.0 devices and the new Type-C devices.

Available with USB 2.0 only, USB PD only, or both USB and PD analysis, the Mercury T2C features non-intrusive probing to preserve real-world signal and timing conditions.

The instrument supports the USB Type-C and Power Delivery 2.0 standards which bring entirely new USB cables and connectors to improve overall user experience.

USB Type-C defines a smaller sized, reversible connector that is capable of supporting scalable, bi-directional power charging at up to 100W. The Mercury T2C supports capture and decoding of all packets over the new USB Type-C Configuration Channel (CC).

These new CC packets include negotiation of USB current capabilities and entrance to or exit from Alternate Modes.

The analyser's adapters allow the Mercury T2C to operate with older devices and hosts too, creating an analyser which is both backward-compatible and future-safe. 

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