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Unwanted reflections suppressed for precise 3D AOI

21st January 2015
Barney Scott

CyberOptics has announced that it will launch its SQ3000 3D AOI system in Booth 3332 at the IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place 24th to 26th February 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center, California. Alongside the SQ3000 3D AOI, the booth will also feature the CX150i automated conformal coating inspection system and the SE600 premier 3D SPI system.

The SQ3000 3D AOI system maximises ROI and line utilisation with multi-view 3D sensors that enable fast 3D inspection. SQ3000 incorporates Multi-Reflection Suppression technology, demonstrated in the video below, and sophisticated 3D algorithms, offering microscopic image quality at production speeds. An easy-to-use interface with touch control facilitates minimal training and operator interaction.

MRS technology inhibits any reflections that can distort the data, especially on shiny components, enabling precise 3D representation while the architecturally superior sensor design captures and transmits data simultaneously and in parallel. The result is unmatched speed and accuracy.

The CX150i system offers simple, reliable automated conformal coating inspection using a UV strobed inspection module. Designed with an 80MP sensor, CX150i offers white light illumination for component presence/absence inspection and UV illumination for conformal coating inspection. Powered by AI2 (Autonomous Image Interpretation) technology, CX150i enables faster, simpler and smarter programming. Conformal coating inspection plays a critical role in ensuring consistency and quality conformal coating while reducing visual inspection errors and operator costs.

The SE600 3D SPI system delivers ‘true’ volume measurement and world-class usability. Designed with a dual illumination sensor, it offers repeatability and reproducibility, even on the smallest paste deposits. The SPIv5 series software offers touch screen capability and simple user experience for easy, flawless inspection.

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