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Shaft Telemetry System offers reliability and integrity

25th April 2006
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Wireless transmission of sensor data from rotating objects (driveshafts, wheels, motors, gearboxes, propellers etc.) is now generally accepted by mechanical engineers as a standard method for measurement applications in research, testing and vehicle development. For such tasks the new J1 single-channel telemetry system from CAESAR DataSystems, offers compelling reasons for using this technique.
Engineers demand that shaft telemetry systems have the highest possible signal integrity, are easy to install and reliable in operation. With the J1 system and IPT technology, this becomes a reality. Power transmission is now substantially improved giving a longer range (70mm) than previously possible.

IPT supervises and regulates the power transmission to the rotor electronics on the shaft. Ageing and temperature dependent fluctuations of the operating point of the stator unit are determined by the control unit and automatically readjusted or balanced.

Remarkably the new J1 permits the mounting of the stator and the receiving antenna directly adjacent to substantial metallic surfaces without loss of range or performance.

The flexible ring of the stator type JX-SR-70 can be individually adapted to accommodate very large deflections of a shaft or axle (up to 700mm) and supply uninterrupted power to the rotor electronics. This makes it very suitable for torque measurements from car, truck and high performance vehicle driveshafts.

Small and lightweight rotor electronics installed directly on the shaft under test, provide power to the sensor, acquire the measurement data and transmit it wirelessly to the stator antenna. The integral signal amplifier can be easily configured for measuring strain, force, load, acceleration or temperature etc. The stator can transmit power to the rotor electronics allowing continuous operation without batteries. Remote controlled shunt calibration for strain based applications is also supported. The receiving control unit provides signals for recording, monitoring or analysis.

The system can be easily fitted without modification to both large and small diameter shafts. A range of accessories and options for rotors, stators and control units, including an optical rpm sensor for power measurements, ensure most demanding measurement applications can be met.

Easy configuration, assembly and installation, and reliable maintenance-free operation, make the J1 a genuine multi-talent for rotary measurement applications.

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