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Upconverter yields compact vector signal generator with 20GHz

4th June 2014
Mick Elliott

An RF upconverter from Rohde & Schwarz extends the frequency range of the R&S SGS100A vector signal generator from 12.75 GHz to 20 GHz. A combination of the two instruments enables users to generate vector signals continuously from 80 MHz to 20 GHz. Applications are in the aerospace & defence sector.      

Once combined, the R&S SGS100A and R&S SGU100A act as a single unit with one I/Q input and one RF output. This combined unit can also be controlled remotely or manually just like a single instrument. Depending on the configuration, it takes up two height units at ½ 19in width or one height unit at 19in width. The two instruments take up less space in the rack than other, comparable microwave vector signal generators.

The error vector magnitude (EVM) for a 30 Msym/s QPSK signal is 0.5 percent at an RF frequency of 14 GHz. Above 12 GHz, the two instruments feature an I/Q modulation bandwidth of 2GHz. This provides an ideal solution for wideband applications such as those used in satellite communications or radar tests requiring extremely short pulses.      

The R&S SGU100A is available as a pure CW source or as a source for I/Q-modulated signals. Users who already have an R&S SGS100A up to 12.75 GHz or another signal generator with a similar frequency range can use the R&S SGU100A to extend their generator's frequency range up to 20 GHz.  

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