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Power-supply terminals combine safety with flexibility

2nd November 2006
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TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments) has introduced a new safety terminal for the company's range of laboratory power supplies. The new terminal combines the flexibility of a conventional 4 mm binding-post terminal with the safety features of a 4 mm safety socket.
The terminals used on the majority of laboratory power supplies are in the form of binding posts that can accept 4 mm open plugs into the front, and bare wires or spade terminals into the body.

However, concern over personal safety has caused an increasing number of organisations to prohibit the use of bare ended connections within their laboratories. Instead, they stipulate that all connections must be made using shrouded 4 mm plugs which are incompatible with normal 4mm binding-post terminals.

Until now, the only solution for these organisations has been to purchase power supplies fitted with 4 mm safety sockets similar to those used on digital multimeters. These power supplies are restricted to use with 4 mm plugs only, and have no facility for accepting bare wires or spade terminals.

TTi wanted to offer a product that was fully compatible with the requirements of those organisations that require that all connections are made with shrouded plugs, while retaining the flexibility to accept all forms of bare-ended connections. The new terminal design does exactly that, and is exclusive to TTi power supplies.

The limited opening distance of the terminal ensures that the clearances are sufficient to make the exposed metal parts 'touch proof' when voltages in excess of 'extra low voltage' are being used.

The new terminals are now being fitted to TTi's CPX, EL, EL-P, EX, EX-R, EX-P, QL and QL-P series models.

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