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31st August 2011
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The new PicoScope 4262 from Pico Technology is a 2 channel, 16 bit very-high-resolution oscilloscope (VHRO) with a built-in low-distortion signal generator. With its 5 MHz bandwidth, it can easily analyze audio, ultrasonic and vibration signals, characterize noise in switched mode power supplies, measure distortion, and perform a wide range of precision measurement tasks.
The PicoScope 4262 is a full-featured oscilloscope, with a function generator and arbitrary waveform generator that includes a sweep function to enable frequency response analysis. It also offers mask limit testing, math and reference channels, advanced triggering, serial decoding, automatic measurements and color persistence display. When used in spectrum analyzer mode, the scope provides a menu of eleven automatic frequency-domain measurements such as IMD, THD, SFDR and SNR. Its performance is so good that it rivals many dedicated audio analyzers and dynamic signal analyzers costing several times the price.
The PicoScope 4262 connects to any Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer with a USB 2.0 port. You can use it with a PC to save space on your workbench, or connect it to a laptop to create a portable instrument that’s perfect for field servicing and on-site work. As it is USB-powered, there is no need to carry a separate AC adapter. If you want to write your own application to control the scope or use it as a digitizer, Pico provides a software development kit, including example code, free of charge.
Alan Tong, Managing Director of Pico Technology, explained the thinking behind the new scope: “Most digital oscilloscopes have been designed for viewing fast digital signals. The trend has been to use new technology solely to increase sampling rate and bandwidth. With the PicoScope 4262 we have focused on what’s important for measuring analog signals: increasing the resolution, improving dynamic range, and reducing noise and distortion.”
The PicoScope 4262 oscilloscope is on sale now, priced at only £750 including two probes, a carry case and a 5-year parts and labor warranty. Order from your local distributor or visit www.picotech.com.

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