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Outer spring type added to probe pin range

12th May 2016
Barney Scott

The range of probe pins for semiconductor device and wafer testing from Omron Electronic Components Europe now has a new outer spring type offering best possible contact stability as well as better performance in high frequency applications. The new Omron XP3B probe pin uses electroforming technology to achieve exceptional performance within a diameter of 0.38mm, 0.30mm or even 0.22mm.

The probe features an innovative plunger structure to ensure stable contact, and is offered with a choice of three tip shapes depending on the application.

Despite their miniature size, the probes can handle currents of 2A (1A for the 0.22mm diameter version). They are rated for a million operations, and feature a low contact force of 33gf – 8gf depending on the diameter.

The high frequency version is shorter, reducing the spring length and hence inductance at high frequency. This results in a very low insertion loss at frequencies of 10 – 40GHz and a reduced return loss.

The new probe complements the established XP3A. Using electroforming technology Omron has created a one piece flat and exceptionally compact probe with a thickness of just 0.06 – 0.08mm.They are rated at 0.25A.  Conventional test probes consist of four parts: upper and lower plungers, barrel and spring.

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