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Fuel costs cut by 22% using Telematics

5th May 2015
Jordan Mulcare

One of Scotland’s engineering solutions providers, WGM Engineering Group has cut fuel costs by 22% across its 90-strong fleet of vans using TomTom Telematics’ fleet management platform. Fuel efficiency has improved from 33.8 to 36mpg since the system was first installed 12 months ago, thanks to new insights on managing driver behaviour.

Idling time has also dropped by 27%, from 11 minutes per day to only eight minutes per day, while speeding time has been slashed by 90%, from an average 1% of driving time to only 0.10% of driving time. The company has engineers on call 24/7/365, often travelling to remote areas to carry out repairs and maintenance.

TomTom’s fleet management platform WEBFLEET allows the company to monitor a wide range of KPIs, including speeding incidents, idling, arrival and departure times on site and real time planning.

"We began to see results immediately,” said Yvonne Thompson, Head of HR, WGM. “Drivers quickly realised the benefits for them, as well as for the company, in making use of the OptiDrive 360 reporting tool, which monitors driver behaviour recording incidents such as speeding, harsh braking and idling.”

“We are now able to show both existing and prospective customers that we can track the exact arrival times on site and the length of stay. Such transparency is a powerful tool in reinforcing our commitment to customer service and also demonstrates transparency.”

WEBFLEET also integrates seamlessly with WGM's vehicle maintenance software Fleetcheck, enabling mileage for each vehicle to be updated to monitor service and maintenance.

The responsive nature of the business means that the ability to route plan in real time is a major bonus for the engineering team’s job planners. “Sometimes planning changes hour by hour and the ability to check where a particular engineer is located at a specific time has really helped to streamline our planning process and improve accuracy on arrival times,” said Yvonne.

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