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DC electronic loads meet variety of applications

27th January 2016
Mick Elliott

A family of compact, standalone DC Electronic Loads has been introduced by Tektronix. The Keithley Series 2380 complement the company’s complete set of power test and measurement solutions. Available in 200W, 250W and 750W models, the new DC Electronic Loads offer excellent performance, competitive pricing and the versatility to handle a wide range of applications.

These include performance verification, stress test and environmental test of DC power sources, power components and batteries in power electronics, LED lighting, battery research, automotive and alternative energy. 

Electronics engineers or test engineers developing or testing DC power supplies or batteries use DC Electronic Loads to quickly and easily simulate real-world loads in order to validate the performance of their devices under a range of conditions.

The new Series 2380 DC Electronic Loads feature multiple operation modes and diverse auto test modes with up to 25kHz dynamic load cycling mode, superior voltage/current resolution and read back accuracy and multiple interface choices. 

“In developing this family of DC Electronic Loads, it became clear that engineers are looking for precision and performance at an affordable price point,” said Michael Ewald, general manager, Tektronix. “The Series 2380 represents the industry’s best value in a DC Electronic Load, and along with our power analysers, power supplies, SMUs, DMMs and oscilloscopes rounds out our comprehensive and cost-effective bench test solution for all types of power conversion device testing.” 

Using any of the Series 2380 models engineers can test their device under multiple working modes using the same instrument.

The operation modes include constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), and constant power (CP).

The new instruments build confidence in measurement accuracy with 0.1 mV/0.01mA voltage/current read back resolution and 0.025%/0.05% voltage/current read back accuracy. 

Other features include a built-in CR-LED test that can simulate real LED lamps or LED strings, integrated facilities for easily measuring the voltage rise/fall time of DC power sources and an I-Monitor function that simplifies testing/monitoring of current  drawn  from  the DUT.

List mode makes it easier to  create a wide range of load current changes and there is a battery test function that simplifies battery life and capacity testing


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