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10 MHz USB Data Acquisition Module with Two Isolated Analog Inputs

8th July 2011
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Data Translation announces the release of a cutting-edge data acquisition module that sets new standards in 16-bit high-speed data acquisition via USB 2.0. With up to 10 MHz signal sampling and direct streaming to the PC, the new DT9862 can provide twice the USB throughput rates achievable with comparable solutions currently available on the market. All I/O channels are galvanically isolated to ensure ultra-high measurement accuracy and signal integrity. In addition, the new module also features flexible clock and trigger functions (e.g. pre-, post- and about-trigger modes).
Unlike conventional data acquisition modules, the DT9862 does not multiplex the input signals, but provides a separate A/D converter for each input channel. In burst sampling mode, the new module achieves a maximum sampling rate of 10 MHz for each of the two channels. In streaming mode, it can sample either one channel at 10 MHz or two channels at 5 MHz each, and transfer the data directly to the PC. This makes optimum use of the maximum USB 2.0 bus speed of 25 MB/s.

In addition to the two analog inputs, the DT9862 data acquisition module features 32 digital I/O channels, two counter/timers (32-bit), and three quadrature decoders which may be used for determining X/Y positions and rotational speed. A version with two analog outputs (2 MSamples/s, ±2.5 V) is optionally available. All input and output channels can be run simultaneously and synchronously, and are galvanically isolated from the USB 2.0 port up to ±500 V.

The module is available installed in a compact metal connection box with SMA connectors, or as a board-level OEM version. All the versions ship with a comprehensive software package that is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista. The package comprises a wide choice of useful software development and integration tools, including 32/64 bit drivers for .NET, LabVIEW and MATLAB.

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