Single chip mmWave sensors enable intelligent autonomy at the edge

8th November 2018
Lanna Cooper

To advance millimeter-wave (mmWave) sensor technology in worldwide industrial applications, Texas Instruments has announced its 60GHz sensor portfolio, the highest resolution single-chip, Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS), for industrial systems. IWR6x mmWave sensors enable industrial automation through on-chip processing capabilities, providing real time decision-making and signal processing.

The newest 60GHz mmWave sensors will be the first to include antenna-on-package offerings, which remove traditional challenges associated with Radio Frequency (RF) design while shrinking size up to 75% and reducing overall cost.

With 60GHz mmWave sensors, engineers worldwide can integrate mmWave technology into a vast range of robotics, factory automation and building automation designs while leveraging the ISM band for broad deployment.

Built for industrial performance, high resolution IWR6x sensors provide up to 4GHz of ultra-wide bandwidth to detect objects and motion up to 16 times more accurately than 24GHz narrowband solutions.

Key features and benefits of IWR6x sensors:

  • Intelligent autonomy at the edge: Integrated processing capabilities enable the sensor to reduce false positives and make real time decisions, eliminating the need for a microcontroller or processor in many systems.
  • Highest resolution sensing: Ultra-wideband mmWave sensors detect objects, people, and motion as fine as breathing and typing, with up to 16 times greater resolution than 24GHz sensors.
  • Optimised for industrial automation: mmWave technology expands building and factory automation capabilities, enabling smarter people counting, motion detection, robotics, safety guards, and vital sign monitoring.
  • Enhanced system accuracy: 60GHz mmWave sensors improve the accuracy of existing systems by operating in crowded spaces; in various lighting and environmental conditions; and through materials such as glass, plastic and drywall.
  • Simplifying industrial designs: With a platform that includes antenna-on-package, a scalable software platform, application-specific algorithms, and multiple reference designs, designers can get started immediately.

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