FLEXPOINT MVmicro DIG – for stand-alone machine vision applications

30th May 2023
Kristian McCann

The FLEXPOINTMVmicro series was developed for standalone machine vision applications primarily in use together with industrial cameras in 3D measurements.  

These lasers are available with different line optics and wavelengths.  Output powers of up to 100mW and a sophisticated focusing mechanism make them a universal tool for industrial inspection and 3D triangulation. 

The MVmicro also has the option to connect to an RS-232 port, this allows the laser to be controlled externally and with the ability to control output power and automatic temperature shutdown. 

Monitoring of the module can also be undertaken.  Obtaining data on diode current, temperature and the number of operating hours.  In addition to this, custom settings can also be configured, such as digital and analogue modulation and variable power adjustment.  The MVmicro has a uniform line and different focussing options as well as an adjustable focus without removing the line optics.  

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