Electromagnetic motion tracking system with six degrees of freedom

20th January 2020
Alex Lynn

The new generation brings improvements in performance and use. The system includes several hardware and firmware updates. The users will be able to install updates of the system firmware by themselves. Amfitech will be releasing new firmware updates which can be uploaded without having to return the kits for service.

The updates include:

• IMU hardware unit. This new sensor is now included in the receiver sensor hardware. This opens the possibility to implement sensor fusion algorithms for improved motion tracking performance.
• Longer EMF sensor battery lifetime.
• Easier system start-up calibration procedure.
• Newly designed receiver 3DCoil driver schematic. This new hardware allows real-time compensation of the cross-talk effects on the receiver 3DCoil sensor. Manufacturing tolerance deviation on three-windings sensors will be compensated by this system, improving overall performance.

Future features for 2020:

  • Start-up calibration feature. This improved assembly includes a set of components specially developed so that a start-up calibration procedure by the user is not required. The system will be able to perform self-calibration on start-up.
  • Emitter source capacitor bank and multiplexor. The emitter source will have the possibility to be configured from the software console. Setup includes the frequency selection for each axis. Additionally, it will be possible to implement self-selection of frequencies in the firmware, for multiple-emitter configuration scenarios.
  • Modulator/Demodulator hardware. This new addition to the circuit will allow low-speed data communication over the B-field transmission

The new kit is already available for purchase on PREMO’s online marketplace, and also through the PREMO Sales Network of representatives and distributors worldwide. A special discount will be applied to universities and research centres.

The complete hardware kit includes:

  • EMF Source driver: The EMF Source driver is a piece of hardware that drives the EMF Source coil. It is powered by 5V through USB port or by using the 5V USB wall plug-in adaptor supplied with the system. Communication with EMF sensors and USB RF hub is done using 2.4GHz proprietary RF link.
  • EMF Source 3D coil: Emits the EM field.
  • EMF sensors: The wireless EMF sensors pick up the EM field and calculate their position (6DOF) from the EMF source. Communicating with EMF Source driver and USB RF hub is done using 2.4GHz proprietary RF link. Sensors can be supplied with or without Kalman filter.
  • USB RF Hub: The USB RF Hub picks up the 2.4GHz RF link communication between the EMF Source driver and EMF sensors, and relays the system positioning data through its USB port. Please note: The USB RF Hub is only needed to present positioning data from the wireless sensors on a PC. All positioning calculations are done by a microcontroller embedded in the EMF sensors.
  • Plug-in 5V USB PSU: The Plug-in 5V USB PSU can be used for powering the EMF Source driver and also for charging the EMF sensors.
  • Plug-in 5V USB adaptors: The interchangeable power supply adaptors allows the Plug-in PSU to be used with country specific wall outlets.

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