Digital sensors deliver high temperature accuracy

20th November 2014
Nat Bowers

Claimed to be the industry’s first high-precision digital temperature sensors with the widest Vcc range, from 1.7 to 5.5V, Atmel has announced the AT30TS74, AT30TS75A, AT30TS750A, AT30TSE752A, AT30TSE754A and AT30TSE758A. Available with integrated nonvolatile registers and serial EEPROM, the family delivers high temperature accuracy and fast I2C bus communication speeds for consumer, industrial, computer, and medical applications.

With the widest Vcc range in the industry, the temperature sensor family allows customers to purchase one device to cover all their Vcc requirements in a variety of applications. Currently, digital temperature sensors on the market are available with a very limited Vcc range requiring customers to purchase multiple temperature sensors in their overall BOM and utilising multiple devices to cover the different voltage ranges across various applications.

Atmel’s digital temperature sensors allow customers to select just one device to cover all Vcc requirements in various applications, reducing their overall BOM. The family also delivers a typical higher accuracy rate at ±0.5°C across the 0°C to +85°C temperature range across the entire voltage range. The low voltage operation of the devices also reduce the overall power consumption in applications such as portable handheld consumer devices, enabling longer battery life.

The family also delivers a faster I2C bus communication with speeds of up to 1MHz, increasing the data throughput for both temperature sensor operations and for devices with integrated Serial EEPROM.

The temperature sensor family includes six high-precision, digital temperature sensors based on the industry-standard LM75 functionality offered by a number of vendors. All the devices accurately measure and monitor temperature to address the thermal monitoring requirements for a wide variety of applications and are highly configurable.

The temperature sensor family includes devices that include serial EEPROM memory from 2, 4 or 8kb to store system parameters and user preference data. The user can also access the EEPROM, which is fully functional and drop-in compatible with industry-standard I2C serial EEPROMs. This integration reduces overall system cost by replacing the stand-alone serial EEPROM, saving the EEPROM cost and other associated costs of the circuit board components. Additionally, the inclusion of nonvolatile registers to permanently store device configuration settings offers system designers superior flexibility. The integrated nonvolatile register feature allows user-configured settings to be retained across power cycles to simplify the system design, reduce processor start-up code, improve reliability, and ensure proper operation.

Bryce Morgan, Strategic Marketing Manager, Atmel, comments: “Developers for consumer, industrial, computer, medical applications are constantly looking for ways to reduce their overall bill of materials while increasing their system reliability and lowering their power consumption. With Atmel’s family of temperature sensors, developers are guaranteed a wide Vcc range along with higher temperature accuracy to satisfy a variety of applications across all market segments. Even more, the family enables these developers to lower their overall system BOM, while increasing system reliability and lowering the overall power by selecting just one device in this temp sensor family.”

The temperature sensor family includes the AT30TS74, AT30TS75A, AT30TS750A, AT30TSE752A, AT30TSE754A and AT30TSE758A and replaces the existing AT30TS75, AT30TS750, AT30TSE752, AT30TSE754 and AT30TSE758 devices. Atmel’s digital temperature sensors are available now from $0.32 in 5,000 unit quantities.

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