The 'world's first' portable wind turbine

23rd September 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Generate and store clean energy with the worlds first portable Wind Turbine. The turbine features a Li-ion battery pack that stores the energy to be used when needed. Trinity uses the same type of battery as electric cars and has an easy two step setup. Trinity generates up to 2,500W and generates in as low as 4mph and weighs as little as 650g.

This portable turbine can potentially power a home, depending on which wattage is purchased. A 2,500W turbine can charge a phone 160 to 170 times. The battery pack can be replaced if needed, and the turbines come with a two year warranty. All Trinity turbines come with detachable USB female plugs, an LED screen and a multi voltage DC output.

Trinity 400, 1000 and 2500 have an additional 110/220VAC wall plug. The detachable USB plugs are water- and weather-proof, and protect the turbine from short circuit.

Trinity can be managed through an app on a smartphone, allowing users to turn the turbine on and off, or stop the blades in an emergency. It also recommends set up depending on the current wind speed and shows how much electricity is being generated.

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