Fully integrated powered wheel drives with steering for EVs

6th December 2017
Lanna Cooper


Allied Motion Technologies has introduced the WheelMax Steering Series wheel drive assemblies. The steering Drives are fully-integrated, electrically powered traction wheels with on-board steering systems for electric vehicles.

Each WheelMax Steering Drive combines a traction wheel with tire, epicyclic gearbox, robust steering gear and bearing system, and two rugged PMDC brush motors, one for traction and one for steering power.

The complete assembly is compact, easy to mount, and requires little to no maintenance. Applications include AGVs, autonomous robotic material handlers, pushers and tuggers, powered utility carts, and hospital patient handlers, among many others.

WheelMax Steering Drives handle loads up to 227kg (500lb) and provide 14Nm (120lb-in) continuous torque at speeds of up to 5km/hr (3mph). The traction motor is equipped standard with a holding brake and an incremental encoder. Standard tire material is polyurethane 95 Shore A for excellent traction, long life, and low noise.

The design makes the exchange of wheel and tire easy to accomplish with minimal effort. Alternate tire materials, mounting arrangements, and feedback encoders are available.

WheelMax Steering Drive highlights include:

  • Load carrying capacity class of 227kg (500lb) at up to 5km/hr (3mph)
  • Up to 14Nm continuous wheel torque and 250W
  • Optimised helical gear geometry minimises noise and vibration
  • Tapered roller bearing supports the wheel’s load, and an axial bearing supports radial loads
  • IP40 protection level

Additional WheelMax options include: models compatible with 48VDC power source instead of 24VDC, brushless motor (with/without integrated drive electronics) for traction and/or steering power, flexible wiring for high cycle rotation, and manual-release holding brake.

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