EV charging solutions nuture the e-Mobility sector

11th October 2017
Anna Flockett

It has been announced that Delta, will be exhibiting its highly diversified range of EV Charging Solutions at the Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS30) 2017. The aforementioned offering includes Delta´s 150kW DC ultra-fast EV Charger with its unrivalled 4-in-1 configuration, meaning it can charge four EVs at the same time, an optimum feature to provide charge point owners and operators with the most capable solution to serve the rapid growth in electric vehicles currently experienced in key European countries. 

Other versatile wall-box DC and AC EV chargers as well as the new EV Power Bank, designed to enhance the efficiency of EV charging sites complete our solutions portfolio at the event.

Jackie Chang, President and General Manager for Delta in Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA), remarked: “Delta leverages its expertise in high-efficiency power electronics and in energy-saving solutions to become a highly competent partner for EV manufacturers and charging points. Ubiquitous, convenient and economically viable EV charging infrastructure is essential for the widespread adoption of e-mobility. The superior charging speed, energy efficiency and versatility of our EV Charging Solutions are nurturing e-mobility in key regions of the world as site owners and operators recognise our added value.”

The most prominent EV Charging Solutions offered by Delta at EVS30 include:
The 150kW DC ultra-fast EV Charger is a best-in-class charger featuring four charging outlets (CCS, CHAdeMO and two Type-2 AC ones) capable of simultaneous charging of 4 EVs. It also boasts a dynamic power-split function in which all power available can be used to charge a sole EV but automatically split as other EVs get connected. 

Charging point owners can benefit from limited initial investment given its modular power architecture which allows for gradual increase in capacity up to 150kW.  A charging station in Rättvik, Sweden, supported by this model, won the ‘Charging Station of the Year in Sweden 2016’ award conferred by ELBIL Sverige.  

The superior versatility of Delta´s 25kW DC Wallbox EV Charger derives from its modular power design which allows for easy and cost-efficient installation of its truly lightweight case first and followed by the integration of its 94%-peak efficiency power modules; the subsequent maintenance process also benefits from this feature. 

This system, which is capable of charging 80% of the 40kWh in the upcoming 2018 Nissan Leaf in less than 90 minutes and offers CCS/CHAdeMO dual charging ports, is suitable for charging sites in commercial buildings, parking lots, fleet charging and service stations.   

Delta´s AC Mini Plus EVSE (EV Supply Equipment) is the suitable choice for residential and office buildings as it offers a trendy, ergonomic design, maximum power output of 7.4kW and compatibility with IEC 62196-2 Type-2 (socket, plug) charging standards.

This system includes user-friendly properties such as RFID authentication and network connectivity (OCPP) as well as its IP55 / IK08-grade (vandal proof) casing protection.  The new EV Power Bank, a system with embedded and scalable battery energy storage technology, is designed to support fast EV charging infrastructure with lower operating costs and higher efficiency by storing off-peak grid electricity at limited power at the grid connection point.

The system offers both lithium-ion and lead-acid battery options from 100kWh to up to 300kWh nominal capacity and inverter conversion efficiency up to 96% in a 10-feet, IP54 ingress protection container.

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