World’s smallest (M)WLP225 with fan and cover kit

23rd October 2017
Enaie Azambuja

EOS Power can now provide its successful (M)WLP225-series serially combined with a fan and cover kit. Word’s smallest EOS (M)WLP225 therefor is EOS first compact series including fan and casing serially. The complete package allows customers to use the market leading 225W series without worrying about external cooling solutions. Total size of the new compact module is < 110*80*50 mm.

The open-frame (M)WLP225 is approved according to EN60601-1 4th edition (2xMOPP) and EN60950 2nd edition. Its output voltage ranges are from 12V to 58V. The uniqueness of its profile (2”x4”x1”), makes the (M)WLP225 the smallest 225W power supply in the global power market today.

Further advantages with the WLP series is efficiency rating (up to 94%), its wide range temperature start up (from -40°C to 70°C), its dual input fuses as well as its “BF” rating. These advantages make all MWLP series power supplies the perfect choice for any and all medical applications.

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