Microsemi high power MOSFETs target RF and broadband applications

21st August 2013
Nat Bowers

Microsemi has expanded its high-frequency VDMOS MOSFET family with two higher power, higher voltage products. Designed to operate in the industrial, scientific and medical frequency range of 2-60 MHz, the VRF2944 and VRF3933 MOSFETs are ideally suited to applications including commercial and defence RF power and broadband communications requiring high power and gain without compromising reliability, ruggedness or inter-modulation distortion.

The VRF2944 provides 400 Watts at 50V supply voltages, 33 % higher output power than competitive devices. This higher power device allows customers to increase the power of existing systems by this same 33 % or decrease the dollar per Watt ratio for their RF power systems. The VRF2944 MOSFET features an integrated gate resistor, improving parasitic impedance to maintain the maximum operating frequency at 60MHz. Microsemi’s VRF2944 MOSFET can operate up to 65V supply voltages where a single device can deliver 675W of output power.

Operating up to 100V supply voltages and delivering 300W of output power, the higher voltage VRF3933 MOSFET provides higher output impedance. This makes it easier to match to 50 ohm load. For example, four VRF3933 devices with two in parallel, and those two parallel pairs in push-pull, are capable of launching 1.1 kW with 83V supply voltage through a 4:1 transformer to a 50 ohm load.

Key features:

  • Higher voltage than many competitive devices for higher output power: Po is proportional to V2,
  • Nitride passivated chips for high reliability,
  • Gold metallization and gold wire bonds for improved reliability,
  • Access to Microsemi’s Application Engineering Group for design support.

Packaging, availability and pricing:

Samples of the VRF2944 and VRF3933 are in stock now. For more information on packaging and pricing, see the datasheets below or contact Microsemi.

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