Very Long Back-Up Times - A Key Feature Of Wall Mounted UPS Units from Powersolve

28th August 2012
ES Admin
Just announced by Powersolve is the WM Series of uninterruptible power supplies. These are wall-mount units designed to provide back-up power for long periods. Rated from 800VA/600W to 4000VA/3000W, the WM Series accepts a very wide AC input range while providing a pure sine wave output for up to several hours or more. These are line interactive UPS systems with a 3ms transfer time.
Key features include:

• Pure Sine Wave Output
• 800VA to 4000VA
• Wide AC Input Range

According to Powersolve’s Managing Director Peter Clark, WM Series units combine high power chargers with smart battery management enabling them to charge high capacity external lead acid batteries (up to 500AH) for longer hold-up times. The units provide adjustable charging currents for different batteries as well as intelligent, two-stage charge control. Powersolve can also provide units with an optional solar charger input. They are both generator compatible and cold start capable and feature adjustable voltage transfer points and charging voltage.

The WM Series accepts a wide AC input voltage range of 140 to 310VAC for 230V models and 70 to 155VAC for the 115V version. Models in the WM Series are rated from 800VA/600W to 4000VA/3000W (230VAC output) and up to 3200VA/2400W (115VAC output). DC to AC isolation is standard.

All models are protected against over current and over charging and incorporate CPU controlled thermal protection. Every unit has a thermally controlled cooling fan. Smart monitoring and warning for battery failure or open circuit battery is included and a fully functional LED or LCD display provides users with visual systems information. Audible status alarms are also built-in. Powersolve can also supply WM Series units with a variety of communications and remote management interface ooptions.

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