Switcher ICs target industrial & three-phase power supplies

23rd March 2016
Nat Bowers

Power Integrations has expanded its InnoSwitch-EP family of off-line CV/CC flyback switcher ICs with the introduction of a 900V device. The 900V InnoSwitch-EP IC targets power supplies operating from high-voltage DC and three-phase power sources found in industrial, motor-drive, metering and renewable energy applications, as well as standard mains-voltage applications where continuous operation is required during line swells and surges.

The 900V InnoSwitch-EP ICs are highly efficient - typically 85% for a dual output 18W design - eliminating heat sinks and enabling highly compact power supply implementations.

David Chen, Director of Applications Engineering, Power Integrations, commented: “Designers of high-voltage systems often have megawatts of power at their disposal, from which they may need to draw off a few milliwatts to feed a low-voltage microprocessor system or a few tens of watts for inverter gate drivers. The 900V InnoSwitch-EP devices drastically simplify the design of robust highly reliable power supplies operating from commonly available industrial voltages.”

Launched last year, Power Integrations’ InnoSwitch-EP IC family employs the company’s innovative, safety-rated FluxLink magneto-inductive coupling technology and includes synchronous rectification with accurate secondary-side regulation, resulting in highly efficient, reliable power supply circuits that do not need an optocoupler. The 900V InnoSwitch-EP ICs feature an uprated, integrated 900V power MOSFET which provides a significant operating margin for 450VAC industrial systems, increasing reliability and operational life. Working continuously with an input voltage of up to 450VAC, an optional layer of protection - line UV/OV - prevents the IC from switching and protects the circuit up to 650VAC. This flexibility is a huge benefit for designers of power supplies that suit all worldwide conditions.

900V InnoSwitch-EP ICs enhance power-supply reliability by reducing BOM count to a minimum level and by eliminating optocouplers which degrade with time. Devices exceed all international energy-efficiency standards such as ENERGY STAR, California Energy Commission and European Union Code of Conduct (CoC), ErP Directive and the US Department of Energy standards. Devices are UL1577 and TUV (EN60950) safety-approved and EN61000-4-8 (100A/m) and EN61000-4-9 (1000A/m) compliant.

900V InnoSwitch-EP samples are available now. Devices are priced at $0.95 each in 10,000 unit quantities.

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