Self protected MOSFET from Diodes Inc

16th December 2008
ES Admin
Adding to its IntelliFET product range, Diodes Incorporated has introduced what it says is the world’s smallest fully self protected low side MOSFET. Packaged in the 2.3mm x 2.8mm footprint ‘flat’ SOT23F package, the ZXMS6004FF takes 85% less board space than incumbent 7.3mm x 6.7mm footprint SOT223 packaged parts.
Despite its miniature format, the superior thermal performance of the SOT23 flat package enables the ZXMS6004FF to deliver a package power density three times that of its much larger packaged counterpart, and with an on-state resistance of just 500mΩ, this latest IntelliFET also ensures that power dissipation is kept to an absolute minimum.

Integrating ESD, over voltage, over current and over temperature protection into a single thermally efficient package, the ZXMS6004FF protects both itself and the load and will help reduce component count, pcb size and overall system cost in a range of automotive and industrial applications. The device’s ultra small form factor will also enable space restricted applications to integrate self protected MOSFETs for the very first time.

The device has a continuous current rating of 1A and is qualified to the AECQ101 standard, being tolerant of 60V load dump transients. With a logic level input of either 3.3V or 5V, the ZXMS6004FF can be driven directly from microcontroller outputs .

The ZXMS6004FF is priced at $ 0.25 USD per piece in 10k quantities.

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