ROHM Semiconductor to Offer a Complete Lineup of High-speed, High-voltage Resistance MOSFETs

31st May 2011
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ROHM Semiconductor has expanded its widely used lineup of high speed switching, high voltage resistance MOSFETs for PFC circuits in switching power supplies and main switch circuits. A variety of package types are available in both, surface mount (i.e. CPT/D-PAK, LPT/D2-PAK) and through-hole (e.g. TO-3PF) configurations. The new series, truly lives up to its name PrestoMOSTM, as it features low trr characteristics for high speed, high speed switching, high efficiency and low loss, making it ideal for integrated power supply inverters, lighting, motor drivers, solar batteries, power conditioners, high frequency bridge circuits and all other applications which require high performance operation.
PrestoMOSTM Series of High Speed High Voltage Resistance MOSFETs

Using cutting-edge ion-based production technology and new high voltage processes, the PrestoMOS series achieves unmatched low ON-resistance, low Qg and high speed for greater inverter efficiency while reducing the number of external components. With their high speed trr body diode eliminating the need for an external FRD (Fast Recovery Diode) it only consumes a small mounting area, ideal for miniaturized applications. Compared to conventional 600V/8V products, not only the trr but also the lrr ratio as well as the loss comparison are significantly improved. For instance, a power conditioner circuit only requires four components without external FRDs.

High speed Switching MOSFETs

ROHM’s newest series of high speed switching MOSFETs is based on high voltage resistance processes to reduce ON-resistance by as much as 50% and Qg by 40% over conventional products while switching speed improves by around 30%. Heat generation is mitigated during switching operation contributing to smaller designs and lower costs.

Key features at a glance

- Improvement in high speed trr up to 80%

- Improved lrr, low Qg, low ON resistance

- Integrated IGBT with FRD for component reduction, miniaturization and greater efficiency

Large current products and high power packages are under development at the moment.

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