Riello UPS launch New Product Brochure

13th May 2011
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The up-to-the minute resource guide covers the full range of leading edge energy-efficient Riello UPS products and services including Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Static Transfer Switches, Generators and Flywheels.
Ideal for IT and data centre managers, electrical consultants and specifiers, the 112-page brochure not only showcases the range of power protection systems from 400VA to 6MVA; but also introduces a number of new product names which were recently changed as part of a re-branding process.

The highly successful Multi Plus is now known as the Multi Sentry, and is now available from 10-120KVA - all with three phase input and output. The Riello Multi Sentry is ideal for protecting mission critical equipment in data centres, server rooms and even industrial environments.

The new catalogue also contains detailed information on the new Multi Guard; a modular scalable three/three phase double-conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply.

Its power capacity ranges from 15kVA to 120kVA - delivering the best combination of reliability, functionality and hot-swap flexibility. Another new addition is the Flywheel Energy Storage device, which provides a green, clean source of back-up power by converting the kinetic energy stored within a rotating mass into electrical power

Designed for UPS applications within data centres, hospitals and industrial installations, the VDC series of Flywheel Energy Storage systems provides a Riello UPS with a source of dc power that can be used to ride through short mains power supply failures. The length of supply available can be used to cover the start-up time of a standby generator or prevent the initial discharge of a locally connected battery set.

Robin Koffler, general manager of Riello UPS Ltd (UK), said: “The brochure doesn’t just have a new look but it also showcases new Riello UPS products and extensions to our existing ranges.

“We are pleased to be able to offer an extensive line of environmentally-friendly, energy efficient products that not only meet the most challenging demands of the data centre environment, but also meet the scalability requirements of this growing business sector.

“Our UPS customers and partners can download the brochure now or choose to view it online and see how they are benefitting from a stronger product portfolio and breakthrough Riello UPS technologies.”

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