ULTRAVOLTAGE3000: voltage discharge for ultracapacitors

4th October 2022
Sam Holland

Richardson Electronics has announced a new product adding to its portfolio of green energy solutions. The new ULTRAVOLTAGE3000 is a voltage discharge tool used for removing stored energy in ultracapacitors.

Based on customers' needs, the ULTRAVOLTAGE3000 removes stored energy within various ultracapacitor applications, allowing technicians to work in otherwise hazardous enclosures without the risk of releasing stored energy or electrical energy shock.

This new lightweight product measures ESR/Life of ultracapacitors and complies with NFPA 70E Section 360. It features a rugged, weather-resistant carrying case with a simple push button discharge. The ULTRAVOLTAGE3000 is arc-free with voltage monitoring built into the software to ensure operator safety.

The new voltage reduction device is compatible with all manufacturers' ultracapacitor energy storage modules up to 18V. It is engineered to work quietly and safely in cabinets containing stored energy using ultracapacitors.

"This Richardson design is another solution that helps our customers address one of their major problems. We will continue listening to our customers and introducing niche engineered solutions to support them," said Greg Peloquin, Executive Vice President of Richardson Electronics' Power & Microwave Technologies and Green Energy Solutions group.

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