Power monitoring IC specified from 0 to 85 degrees C

11th September 2016
Mick Elliott

The MAX44299 low-side current, voltage and power monitoring IC from Maxim Integrated is now in stock at Mouser Electronics. The MAX44299 offers power, current, and voltage monitoring plus reference with precise measurement and programmable current-sensing of full-scale voltages of 5mV, 10mV and 20mV.

With its wide single supply voltage range from 3V to 5.5V, the MAX44299 allows simple sharing of supplies with either an analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) or a microcontroller, and is an ideal solution to improve measurement quality while saving cost and space in a variety of power monitoring applications.

The IC offers instantaneous power with accurate power measurement of less than 1.1 percent of reading total error. The MAX44299 features three outputs, all of which are scaled to a full-scale current of 100μA. The device's reference output allows an additional output current of 100μA, which engineers can set as a reference voltage for an ADC being used to measure power, voltage, and current signals.

Having the MAX44299 use currents rather than voltage to convey the measured signals to the ADC also avoids any errors caused by voltage drops across the parasitic resistance of the PCB — a significant factor for high-current systems.

The 16-bump, 2.4 mm × 2.4 mm MAX44299 IC is specified at a temperature range from 0 to +85 degrees Celsius, and is ideally suited for many power monitoring applications, including power monitoring and management data center and telecom systems, renewable energy systems and smart battery packs and chargers.

The device is also supported by the MAX44299EVKIT evaluation kit which is preconfigured with the CSA full-scale input voltage range (VSENSE) of 10mV and 100µA of output current ranges, and can be reconfigured to 10mV/5mV of full-scale VSENSE or 50µA of output current.

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