Miniature current monitor saves portable battery life

13th May 2009
ES Admin
Diodes Incorporated has announced a miniature current monitor delivering what it says is the world’s smallest solution size for battery current measurement in portable applications. Packaged in the thin 4-pin 1.2mm x 1.8mm DFN package, the ZXCT1023 will support system management functions aimed at extending active run times.
A precision high-side current monitor, the ZXCT1023 has a fixed gain of 50 and needs just a single external current sense resistor for accurate current monitoring. Consuming a typical quiescent current of just 3.5µA, the device will help reduce power drain and prolong battery life.

Its wide operating voltage range, from 2.5V through to 20V means the monitor will suit a broad range of Li-Ion and Li-polymer battery cell configurations. Typical uses include battery charging, battery capacity measurement and over-current monitoring in applications including PDAs, mobile phones, and MP3 players.

The miniature ZXCT1023 current monitor from Diodes Incorporated is priced at $0.475USD in 10k piece quantities.

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