Military COTS 270Vin DC-DC Full-Brick Converters Power up by 33% to 800W

6th September 2012
ES Admin
SynQor has today revealed that it has increased the maximum rated power level of its 270Vin MCOTS line of full-brick DC-DC converters by raising the lower end of the input voltage range over which they can operate. The new MCOTS-270H line of full-brick converters can deliver 800W of output power while operating over a continuous input voltage range of 240V – 425V and a transient input voltage range of 240V – 475V.
The 240V lower limit complies with the requirements for all of the Steady-State conditions specified in MIL-STD-704(A-F), and the higher limits comply with all of the Steady-State and the over-voltage Surge requirements. These MCOTS-270H converters are particularly useful for high power systems that do not need to operate through a Starting Voltage Transient, or that simply have power sources that are more tightly regulated than specified in MIL-STD-704(A-F).

In addition to delivering more power, the SynQor MCOTS-270H line of DC-DC converters are even more efficient than SynQor's standard line of best-in-class, highly efficient MCOTS-270 converters. For a given output voltage, the MCOTS-270H converters are about 2 to 3 percentage points more efficient at the same power level compared to the corresponding MCOTS-270 converters, and even at their full power of 800W the MCOTS-270H converters are more efficient than are the corresponding MCOTS-270 converters at 600W. This higher efficiency dramatically reduces the heat that must be removed from the converter, making them easier to cool. This feature is often very important even if the full 800W of output power is not required.

The MCOTS-270H full-brick DC-DC converters are designed to provide isolated DC power for electronics such as power amplifiers, jammers, and systems requiring high powered bus voltages. These converters use SynQor's synchronous rectifier based technology to achieve extremely high efficiencies, up to 92% at 800W. The optional built-in current sharing feature allows for easy paralleling of modules for applications requiring more power or module redundancy with limited external components.

Switching frequency is constant to provide predictable EMI performance and the converters can be paired with SynQor MCOTS EMI filters to meet most requirements of MIL-STD-461.

The MCOTS-270H converters are offered encased for exceptional performance in harsh environments and can provide full output power at case temperatures between -55°C and 100°C.

The full-brick converter features include: remote on/off control, very wide +10% to -50% output voltage trim range, remote output voltage sense, input under-voltage lockout, output over-voltage protection, active back bias limiting, thermal shutdown, output current limit, short circuit protection, and optional current share. The MCOTS-270H series is designed for 4250Vdc and 100M ohm input-to-output isolation, is 5/6 RoHS compliant, and has a calculated MTBF in excess of 1.2M hours at 70°C (MIL-217).

The MCOTS-270H series of products are available immediately for evaluation and qualification. Production quantities are available with 10 to 12 week lead-times, depending on volumes.

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