Li-Ion batteries meet wearables requirements

15th October 2020
Mick Elliott

NICHICON has launched the SLB series of Small Li-Ion rechargeable Batteries that have been designed to meet the growing demand from the latest portable devices such as wearables and IoT devices safely and reliably.

The Li-Ion batteries are in stock at Anglia Components.

The SLB series uses Lithium titanate (LTO) for the negative electrode of the batteries, this gives the batteries high energy density, excellent rapid charge/discharge characteristics, good cold temperature performance, long life and also makes them very safe.

Safety is extremely important when working with Li-Ion batteries, especially so when these batteries are used in devices which will be worn on a person’s body.

The SLB series Li-Ion batteries have very low risk of fire or explosion, during safety testing performed by NICHICON the batteries were exposed to a number of extreme fault conditions including crushing, piercing, external short circuit, over charging and discharging, during these tests the batteries exhibited no explosion or ignition.

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