Isolated gate drivers and EMI noise

3rd January 2020
Joe Bush

In power electronics isolated gate drivers are used to drive power semiconductors like IGBTs and power MOSFETS. The gate drivers are used to provide galvanic isolation between the control circuits and the high voltages. They are also used for level shifting to provide high gate voltage and current to switch the IGBT. In industrial applications like inverters and motor drives, EMI noise will be generated by an inductive mode-like motor. The noise may cause reflection, resonance or amplification within the gate drivers and inside the power electronic equipment by its coupling through the wiring.

This will cause the gate drivers to malfunction with erroneous output and worse, be permanently damaged. To meet stringent requirements for functional safety in motor drives and inverters it is very important for the gate drivers to be immune to EMI noise.

ElectroNews explain more in the instructional video below.

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