Intersil's hands-on technical seminar: Understand digital power in one day

30th November 2009
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Intersil Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select: ISIL), a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analogue and mixed-signal semiconductors, announced a daylong intensive seminar on digital power design.
The seminar and hands-on workshop are suitable for engineers of any skill level.

Understand Digital Power in One Day

Stuttgart: December 8 09:00 to 16:00

Munich: December 10 09:00 to 16:00

Digital power is revolutionizing the power system design landscape. In just one day, engineers will progress from a basic understanding of digital power to real-world, hands-on configuration of their own digital power design using Intersil's award-winning Zilker Labs' technology. The day-long session includes:

Session 1: Introduction to Digital Power

Joshua Israelsohn, Founder, JAS Technical Media, explains the basics of power trends that are making digital power the best answer for many applications.

Session 2: Digital Power Strategies

Chris Young, Senior Manager, Digital Power Technology, Intersil Zilker Labs, gives in-depth insights into the many different strategies and techniques to implement a successful digital power design.

Session 3: Real-World Best Practices

Andrzej Wojtasik Ph.D. E.E., Senior Applications Engineer, Ericsson AB, discusses how their recent implementation reduced component count, simplified design, improved efficiency, added functionality, and accelerated the time-to-market.

Session 4: Hands-On Workshop

Engineers will use Intersil Zilker Labs' revolutionary point-and-click firmware to configure their own digital power subsystem. When it comes to understanding how the technology and user interface works, there's nothing better than using the tools.

Cost: 190 Euros

Each attendee receives:

Power design evaluation kit (250 ? Value)

Lunch and refreshments

Seating is limited. Sign up today

For more information or to sign up, please visit: www.digital4power.de

Workshop partners: ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS, Intersil Zilker Labs, and Ericcson

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