Intelligent power supply for mobile DAQ systems

21st November 2013
Nat Bowers

IPETRONIK introduce the M-UPS2, an intelligent interruption-free power supply module which serves as reliable power buffer for car testing DAQ systems. While voltage drops and breakdowns are safely bridged, this power supply module guarantees reliable and consistent data acquisition - even under extreme environmental conditions such as during summer and winter testing. 

With a low standby current of <1 mA, the M-UPS2 features an output voltage of 15 V ±1 V, a 30 W power output in battery mode and 50 W with on-board power supply. Operating over a temperature range from -25 °C to +70 °C, it also features automatic interruption-free switch-over between battery mode and on-board mode. Automatically charged and exchangeable, this high-performance battery (2.5 Ah) buffers short voltage drops or voltage failure during motor startup reliably for a period of one to five minutes.

Harry Stoerzer, Head of Application & Support at IPETRONIK, comments: "The advanced M-UPS2 in its modern M2 design is a compact voltage buffer solution for cold start testing. It is not only highly reliable and features comfortable remote functions, but also has a high efficiency at minimum and maximum load. It is the ideal UPS solution for modern vehicle DAQ systems."

The M-UPS2 comes supplied in a 113 mm x 85 mm x 89 mm gold anodized aluminum enclosure which is compatible with the IPETRONIK M-Series and supports IP54 protection class. With a supply voltage of 9 VDC to 18 VDC and operating current of <100 mA (output unloaded), the M-UPS2 supports different remote functions for automated switch-on/off. Cascading of several modules is possible to increase output power. The M-UPS2 features three status LEDs to indicate operation statuses, e.g. module temperature, current load and total discharge.

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