High voltage SBR rectifier increases power density in power supply applications

21st April 2009
ES Admin
Diodes Incorporated has introduced the first in a series of high voltage Super Barrier Rectifiers (SBR) packaged in the thermally efficient, compact PowerDI5 package. The superior thermal resistance of the proprietary PowerDI5 package enables the SBR10U200P5 to deliver twice the power density from a PCB footprint that is 40% percent smaller.
The SBR10U200P5 is the industry’s smallest leaded 10A rectifier rated up to 200V, it delivers an industry leading low forward volt drop (VF) of 0.7V at 10A rated current at a junction temperature of 125 degrees C. Coupled with an off board package height of 1.1mm - half that of Dpak - the SBR10U200P5 enables designers to reduce the form factor and increase the power density of compact power supplies for end applications such as notebook power adapters, universal chargers and telecom power supplies.

The device’s patent-pending package structure enables higher power dissipation and surge capabilities in a compact, low profile package. This results in a maximum rated junction temperature Tj of 175 degrees C and an avalanche rating in the order of 50% greater than that offered by a competing Schottky diode solutions packaged in Dpak. Accordingly, the SBR10U200P5 facilitates snubber circuits to be removed from power supply outputs enabling designers to reduce end product cost and simplify their designs.

The features of the SBR10U200P5 make it ideal for use as an output diode in power supply output stages; as a catch diode in Buck regulator circuits, as a freewheeling diode in motor drive circuits and also as a boost diode.

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