Grade 0 omnipolar hall-effect switches for automotive applications

18th February 2019
Alex Lynn

Global manufacturer and supplier of application specific standard products for discrete, logic, analogue and mixed-signal semiconductor markets, Diodes Incorporated, has announced its AH356xQ series of omnipolar Hall-effect switches, which are fully certified for automotive applications and qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 0.

Typical applications for these rugged Hall-effect switches include position and proximity sensing, open and close detection, level detection and flow metering. The switches feature a wide operating voltage range of three to 28V with an impressive eight kilovolt HBM ESD rating.

As well as being fully certified to meet environmental, quality and regulatory demands in the automotive industry, the AH356xQ series has been designed to meet AEC-Q100 Grade 0, meaning it can operate across an extended ambient temperature range of -40 to +150°C. Other features include input supply reverse polarity and overvoltage protection, along with output overvoltage and overcurrent protection.

“These high-voltage rugged automotive-qualified omnipolar Hall-effect switches are well-suited for automotive proximity and level detection applications”, said Simon Ramsdale, Worldwide Automotive IC Marketing Manager for Diodes Incorporated. “Thanks to their Grade 0 qualification, these switches offer a great combination of performance and robustness.”

The AH356xQ series offers three devices available with different tight magnetic switching thresholds, all offering high threshold stability and low temperature drift. All of the devices in the AH356xQ series feature active-low, open-drain outputs and offer fast power-up (10µs) and response times (3.75µs), making the devices particularly suitable for time-critical applications in protection and fault detection.

The AH356xQ series is available in SOT23 (tape-and-reel) priced at $0.37 each in 3,000 piece quantities and SIP-3 (‘ammo’ or bulk) priced at $0.41 in 4,000 piece quantities. 

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