GAÏA Converter - 200W DC/DC Converters Offer New Heat Dissipation Path and Ultra Wide 7:1 Input Range

3rd November 2010
ES Admin
GAÏA Converter, the specialist high reliability power converter manufacturer, will introduce at Electronica 2010 a state of the art 200 watt output DC:DC converter family featuring ‘Heat Path on Side’ cooling, redefining power converter heat dissipation. The majority of DC:DC converters available in the market dissipate heat via a top mounted heatsink. The new GAÏA Converter 200W series has been optimized to allow heat dissipation on the side enabling cooling to take place alongside electronic circuit boards, removing the need for a heatsink, reducing system weight and profile and simplifying mechanical assembly.
The GAÏA Converter 200W series has been designed to address power requirements in the range of 200W to 1KW in high reliability applications by offering high efficiency, up to 91%, and simple power sharing without extra components.

GAÏA Converter 200W series features ultra wide input ranges of 9-60Vdc, 12-100Vdc and 33-180Vdc allowing multi-battery easy use. A choice of single standard output voltage is available typically 3.3, 5, 12, 15 or 24Vdc.

The GAÏA Converter 200W series also offers a wide output voltage trim range of 10%/110%. This allows users to adjust the output over a wide range of non standard outputs for operation as a current source for battery charging and LED lighting systems etc.

The GAÏA Converter 200W series is housed in a compact package measuring just 73.7x48.3mm (2.9x1.9”) with a height of just 12.7mm (0.5’’).

All GAÏA converters are designed and manufactured in-house in France using fully automated manufacturing and test equipment. GAÏA Converter have offices in France, Germany and the USA and distributors worldwide. For further information visit www.gaia-converter.com, email info@gaia-converter.com or call +(33).

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