Ericsson Power Modules among finalists at Elektra awards with its 3E digital power concept

9th December 2009
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Ericsson's 3E concept focuses on optimizing performance, flexibility and value for the end-user. 3E stands for Enhanced Performance, Energy Management, and End-user Value - the main benefits of the concept. Ericsson becomes the first company to offer a complete range of board-mounted-products based on digital control and monitoring, and in doing so, contribute to reduce energy consumption, and CO2 emissions.
Ericsson Power Modules Director of Marketing & Communication Patrick LeFevre said, Since the inception of our digitally controlled products in 2008 we have enjoyed several industry award wins and finalist positions with products from the range. It is testament to the electronics industry's respect for the major leap forwards in digital power technology that the products have brought to the table. For both designers and end users the products offer many advantages including cost and energy savings over conventional analogue products.
Containing unique concepts spanning several disciplines in circuit and system design, the 3E range of digitally controlled products launched throughout 2008 embraces the 400W isolated DC/DC converter BMR453, the point of load (POL) regulators BMR450 and BMR451 rated at 20A and 40A respectively, to the 240W isolated DC/DC converter BMR454 introduced in June 2009.

The efficiency of DC/DC converters and POL regulators has always been a key performance criterion. It is receiving even more attention in recent years as more emphasis is placed on energy consumption and the environmental impacts of large scale data processing and telecom installations.

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