High-side current monitors from Diodes Incorporated simplify measurement at high voltage

20th May 2010
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Diodes Incorporated has introduced a family of 6 high reliability current monitors for 40V and 60V operation. The ZXCT108X devices detect current in a high side sense resistor and reference it to ground, thereby reducing system circuit complexity and cost.
Their wide supply and common-mode voltage range suits a broad range of uses. For industrial and computer power supply applications, the ZXCT1083, ZXCT1085 and ZXCT1087 support a voltage range of 2.7V to 40V. The ZXCT1082, ZXCT1084 and ZXCT1086, rated for 2.7V to 60V operation, handle automotive load dump and SELV circuits.

With independent supply and common-mode voltage inputs, the current monitors permit currents to be measured beyond the limits of normal power supply rails. Their low quiescent current of 0.6µA means associated measurement errors are significantly reduced.

The product line offers users the option of both fixed and programmable gain. Providing a fixed voltage gain of 25 are the ZXCT1084 and ZXCT1085, while for the ZXCT1086 and ZXCT1087 the gain is 50. The ZXCT1082 and ZXCT1083 use 3 external gain setting resistors, which increase versatility by enabling wide gain ranges and optimization of bandwidths.

The current monitors are provided in the small footprint SOT25 package and use green mold compound. An extended industrial temperature range of -40ºC to 125ºC supports use in automotive and higher temperature scenarios.

The ZXCT108X current monitors from Diodes Incorporated are priced from $0.475 USD in 10k quantities.

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