Digitally controlled 1U configurable power platform launched

16th September 2016
Daisy Stapley-Bunten

XP Power has announced the nanofleX series of configurable digitally controlled AC/DC power supplies. This modular supply is constructed in a compact low profile 1U mechanical chassis format that suits today's space constrained designs and can accommodate up to four single-slot plug-in customer selected output voltage modules

Designed to maximise efficiency and minimise audible fan noise, the nanofleX series can deliver up to 850W from a universal input voltage or up to 1,200W from a high line source.

The four output module slots provide nineteen nominal output voltage options in the range +3.3 to +60VDC. Outputs are derived from one of four base, digitally controlled, module designs offering a wide voltage adjustment range. This approach provides ultimate flexibility and user adjustment to tailor the product to the end application, minimises individual inventory items and supports fast turnaround delivery of products configured to exact customer requirements in our global configuration centres.

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