Breakthrough overvoltage protection component added to web shop

18th September 2019
Anna Flockett

Distrelec has added the new drop-in replacement GMOV hybrid protection component from Bourns, leading global manufacturer of electrical components, to the web shop. Promising to solve the lifespan, safety and reliability issues of metal oxide varistors (MOVs), the new GMOV component is a highly reliable overvoltage protection replacement solution.

This new technology from Bourns is engineered to minimise degradation and catastrophic failure issues that can occur with discrete MOVs when subjected to transient surges and temporary overvoltage conditions exceeding maximum rated values. With zero standby energy consumption, lower capacitance and a compact form factor, the Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) isolates the MOV from AC line voltage above its MCOV rating, making the GMOV component the only one of its kind.

Eszter Sipőcz, e-Commerce Distribution Manager EMEA at Bourns, has stated: “Through combining an MOV and a GDT, along with the patented space-saving FLAT technology, the Bourns breakthrough GMOV component provides a compact form factor that is a drop-in replacement for a standard 14 or 20mm MOV.”

Steve Herd, CEO at Distrelec, has stated: “Our customer network is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest technological solutions to propel their own unique innovations. The addition of the new GMOV component from Bourns will support many new opportunities in applications such as AC line protection, power lines, communications systems, smoke alarms, high value consumer goods, solar inverters and distribution systems.”

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