Automotive MOSFET features industry's lowest on resistance

18th February 2016
Nat Bowers

Expanding its family of UMOS9 MOSFETs, Toshiba Electronics Europe has added a 40V N-channel MOSFET housed in the advanced DPAK+ package. The TK1R4S04PB has achieved AEC-Q101 qualification and is designed for automotive motor control applications such as water pumps, fuel pumps, oil pumps, fans, EPS and DC/DC converters.

This MOSFET achieves a maximum RDS(ON) of 1.35mΩ at VGS=10V. According to Toshiba, this is the lowest RDS(ON) of any MOSFET currently available. It does so by combining advanced UMOS9 trench technology that minimises RDS(ON) x A, with the DPAK+ package that reduces package resistance compared to conventional DPAK packaging.

The DPAK+ packaging is compatible with standard DPAK designs, measures just 6.5x9.5mm and features copper clip technology that replaces the traditional bondwire connections with copper clips that have a large contact area and are attached directly to the chip metallisation.

The MOSFET is also enhanced compared with previous generations in terms of EMC and switching performance.

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