75W ATX compatible power supply on PC/104 architecture

14th March 2006
ES Admin
Providing up to 75W output capability with an integrated UPS and battery charger for NiMH and SVLA batteries, the new Micronix PV-5127S from Datasound Laboratories is said to be the first ATX compatible power supply on PC/104 architecture.
This high efficiency power supply for embedded, vehicular and automotive systems applications is designed to withstand extended temperatures and the shock and vibration of mobile equipment. With an input supply of 10 to 35V, which is convenient for automotive and low-voltage applications, the unit has an intelligent back-up battery charger with temperature protection of the battery pack and a built-in fan/heat control.

The Micronix PV-5127S supports NiMH battery packs and sealed lead acid batteries. It has an “RS232” interface for “mains fail”, “battery low” and “shutdown” alerts supported by Windows NT and Linux and will shortly support downloadable UPS service software for Windows 2000 and XP, allowing the user to configure the shutdown of the system.

This power supply is intended for use in high-power PC/104 applications and ATX power supply solutions for industrial and automotive PC's and has an operating temperature range of -20 degC to +70 degC.

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