Waveguide couplers operate up to 110GHz

10th July 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Pasternack unveils its latest family of instrumentation grade directional waveguide couplers boasting accurate performance up to 110GHz. These ultra-high frequency waveguide couplers are commonly used for signal sampling and other general purpose applications in wireless transmit/receive systems, test benches, satcomms, radar systems, point-to-point backhaul and telecomms.

In this latest release of waveguide directional couplers from Pasternack are 28 unique models spanning a frequency range of 18 to 110GHz in seven popular frequency bands including K, Ka, Q, U, V, E and W. The couplers are offered in two physical configurations, standard waveguide and split block waveguide, and are also available in both E Bend and H Bend designs depending on the user’s system requirements. Both the traditional waveguide and split block waveguide versions utilise a multi-hole design which is optimal for power reflection measurements and provides excellent consistency in performance.

The couplers are offered in various waveguide sizes from WR-42 (K band) to WR-10 (W band) and come in either 10 or 20dB coupling values. These waveguide couplers boast high directivity of 30dB typical, with insertion loss is as low as 0.6dB in some models. This family of waveguide couplers is constructed using high quality brass copper that is gold plated for added precision and accuracy.

“Pasternack is rapidly expanding its waveguide portfolio to meet the demands of the industry which is moving towards components at higher and higher frequencies,” says Mark Blackwood, Passive Components Product Manager, Pasternack. “While we continue to expand our entire product portfolio, one of our key strategies is to offer our customers the most comprehensive selection of in-stock waveguide components in the industry.”

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