Trimmer capacitors withstand soldering heat

19th July 2021
Mick Elliott

Availability of the Knowles (Johanson Manufacturing) portfolio of Giga-Trim trimmer capacitors is announced by distributor RFMW.

The portfolio provides a straight forward technique for fine tuning RF and microwave circuits by eliminating time consuming methods of abrasive trimming, cut and try adjustment techniques, and interchange of fixed capacitors.

The Knowles 27273 has a capacitance range from 0.6 – 4.5 pF with up to 8 turns and a working voltage of 500 VDC.

Giga Trim capacitors withstand the rigours of soldering heat, excessive turning and rough handling.

Benefits include a fixed length, increased Q, essentially zero noise and reduced susceptibility to solder flux intrusion during installation.

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