Is Your PLC/DCS/RTU Protected Against Overvoltage & Surges?

5th November 2012
ES Admin
Whenever PLC/DCS/RTU equipment and field wiring is located where lightning strikes are likely to occur, it is essential to include protection. The Surge Protection board from Omniflex is a quick and effective way of safeguarding sensitive electrical instrumentation from the damages that can be caused by overvoltage and lightning-induced surges.
The surge protection board comes with a quick-mount plastic rail for simple and convenient DIN-rail mounting into control panels. The board is then connected to the field wiring leading to or from the electrical equipment that requires protection. The input and output circuit pairs on the board are fully isolated from each other and the fuse/MOV/gas arrestor combinations are used to protect the connected electrical equipment from overvoltage and lightning induces surges. Terminals are included on the board for the connection of protective earth.

The surge protection board provides a convenient, reliable and cost effective way of safe guarding sensitive electrical equipment.

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