Precision shunt resistors incorporate Bulk Metal Foil technology

20th April 2017
Alice Matthews

Manufacturers of Bulk Metal Foil resistors, the VPG Foil Resistors product group of Vishay Precision Group, has announced the global market launch of the Alpha Electronics FNP series, a family of high-power precision shunt resistors. The design of the Alpha Electronics FNP series incorporates VPG’s own proprietary Bulk Metal Foil technology for a low Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) down to 0±1ppm/°C, depending upon selected model.

Integration of a Pt100 sensor within the FNP series allows for accurate onboard temperature monitoring of the resistive element, with added performance stability. Units feature a maximum handling capability of 500W rated power, with no standard resistance value. An integral copper plate helps the FNP series to achieve an improved thermal resistance specification of 0.1°C/W (0.3°C/W standard), while a resistance tolerance of 0.05% ensures minimised energy consumption. Standard resistance values of the FNP series range from 0.001-1Ω, with improved maximum ambient temperature to 125°C (from 85°C) for conventional models.

The Alpha Electronics FNP series is suitable for any automotive, industrial, or power electronics application requiring the accurate detection of overcurrent conditions or remaining battery power levels. They may be specified within ATE, factory floor robotics, motor and drive controls, and medical diagnostics equipment, as well as used as both a precision high-voltage power supply output reference; or, as a high-accuracy reference for battery charge-discharge tests. Units are both lead-free and RoHS compliant.

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